Saturday, 19 April 2008

An Educational Story of Faith and Religion
Kim Nicholson presents .....

The Origin of Mayism


The Birth of SRS

(Secretly Religious Sluts)

Creation began when the all wise, all knowing, all sexy holy one, Hugh Mayor, spawned five disciples out of his vagina.

Covered in Hugh's blood, amniotic fluid and vaginal juices, but full of faith, all were to become followers of Mayism.

They formed into a strong religious sect that became known as the SRS - a group entirely subordinate to their leader and his sacred greasy moustache. Of the five disciples, Hugh's favourite was Liz. For Liz, the powers of Hugh's seduction were overwhelming and exerted so much sexual tension that leader and follower sinned to become sugar daddy and sex slave.

After an enchanting night together, Hugh crowned Liz his Goddess and the two became joint mother and father of Mayism.

The four remaining followers, Gemma, Kim, Lindsey and Stacey, remained loyal to their God and new Goddess.

They took sanction in the Secret Room, their shelter, their livelihood and above all their temple.

Isolation from the outside world became imminent as they said no to Primark boots, teatowel scarves and crappy music.

As mayism progressed, outsiders tried to convert to the religion, and when rejected, made futile attempts to infiltrate the secret room - but the sea of blue chairs and blackboard barricade were simply impenetrable. SRS were safe in their temple.

As summer drew closer, the year anniversary of Mayism was marked with a Secret Room celebration and offerings of party rings and chocolate cake!

SRS departed the temple and spent 6 weeks in a state of religious meditation.

Back again now, and dedicated to a second year of their cult religion ...

... The Story Continues

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