Sunday, 11 May 2008

Kim's 18th


Hey guys - it's Kim ... yet agaaaaaain.

Here are some of Lindsey's pictures from kim's 18th

Gem lookin' Fly!

Me & Stacey with cutiepie Josh

(i'd so have a quicky with him!)

Stacey, Gem and the birthday girl herself

Lindsey & Mark

(Don't drink & drive kids!)

The Super Duper Stacey & Lovely Jubley Lindsey


Even more awwwww

Looking a bit sloshed

Yeah it finished a bit too early for the liking of us party animals but it was a good night :)



1 comment:

Stephen said...

A long time ago, this used to be my weblog, my initials are SRS.

Several of my reltives still have a link to this blog on their blogs/websites....

i come and look at your blog every now and then... do you just not party much, or don´t you post about parties very often?